not visible, still disabled

Helping you understand your disabilities better

Mental health, coping mechanisms, tips and tricks for anyone struggling with invisible disabilities from someone who is invisibly disabled

yes, my disabilities ARE my personality.

Other people can choose to ignore them, but we live with our disabilities 24/7. We’re allowed to talk about it. We’re allowed to be mad about it.

clickable image for newly hearing-impaired people, leading to a blog post for hard of hearing accessibility

I may not hold all the answers or solutions, but I can damn well try!

We don’t have to Live on their terms.

If abled people can choose to ignore me(and you, and anyone who’s disabled) so easily, then I choose to make a Sanctuary for us.

A place of peace. A place of understanding. A place for us, because we are people too.


My disability is Invisible, NOT me.

Let no one brush you aside. Let no one tell you that you’re making things up. Be seen, be heard.

Just because people can’t see our disabilities doesn’t mean they aren’t there. I made this blog in the hopes of sharing my story, other’s stories, information, as well as tips and tricks.

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