Dealing with your inner monologue 2.0 – 30 printable affirmation cards


Printable affirmations for dealing with your inner monologue. A little more attitude and sassiness in these, as a treat!

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IMPORTANT: These cards are very similar to the original “Dealing with your inner monologue” affirmations. They contain a little more attitude and a few swear words, because I swear a lot and I don’t think affirmations always need to be all rainbows and unicorns!

Are you tired of feeling like your own worst enemy? You don’t have to feel that way! It can be difficult to do that, but here are 30 affirmations for you to get into a mindset where YOU are in control, not it.

“Dealing with your inner monologue – 30 printable affirmation cards” it’s time to take back control and keep your inner voice in check.

These cards are a powerful tool to help you manage your inner thoughts and feelings. With 30 strong mantras at your fingertips, you can reframe your thinking, be kinder to yourself, and feel more confident in the choices you make.

Say goodbye to negative self-talk and self-doubt and hello to a happier, more empowered you! Get your affirmation cards today and let’s conquer that inner critic together.


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