Neurodivergence-Friendly Blog Starter Kit


Start a blog without feeling overwhelmed! The Neurodivergence-Friendly Blog Starter Kit is budget-friendly and perfect for any topic. Get started today!


Trying to figure out how to start a blog as a neurodivergent person?

To start a blog, there are many things to learn and lots to do. It’s not easy to divide our attention so much while keeping an eye on our goal. This kit is designed with neurodivergent individuals in mind, ensuring that every step of the blogging process neither overwhelming or complicated.

Blogging does not have to be expensive to start, either! With this kit, I show you how to start your blog the smart and inexpensive way.

We’ll go through:

  • Finding a subject, validating the subject and making sure you have enough to write on it
  • Finding + getting your domain name
  • What to do before you launch your website (save on hosting by NOT having your blog live just yet)
  • Figuring out products and other monetization strategies you’ll be using beforehand

I’ll walk you through making enough content for your blog to have a solid base as you start. All you’ll need to do is copy your ready-made blog posts and paste them into your blog, instead of learning how to blog + writing content at the same time.

I divide the blogging process into these two phases instead of trying to do it all at once:

Phase 1: Make the stuff

Phase 2: Learn the blogging part

The Neurodivergence-Friendly Blog Starter Kit is the perfect resource for starting a blog about any topic. Share your passions, promote your business, or connect with others online – this kit has everything you need to get started, on a budget!

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